What to Expect: Our Design Process

By Paul Miller

Interior Designer, IDS Professional Member

Read Time: 4 Minutes

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There are a lot of myths about what it’s like to work with a designer. Read on for a no-nonsense look at how we operate from introduction to installation.

Getting Started

At MakeNest, we've refined our process to make it comfortable and satisfying to our clients. Our website provides a lot of insights about design and our simple sign up form makes it easy to start a conversation about your project. Once we've discussed your project goals, we meet at our studio for a free half hour discussion to make sure we're the right fit for each other.

After we spoke, I knew I could trust that he would take us in the direction we wanted and have some fun with the design.

- Christine F.

At that meeting, we'll look at photos of the house, discuss timelines and budgets, and make sure we understand your priorities. Our commitment to transparency begins with our Design Agreement, which spells out our policies in a simple and straightforward manner. Once we've settled the contract and retainer, we schedule the first house call.

Paul listens to your project challenges and creates design solutions for your family.


The first site visit is always exciting. If the project is yet to be built, we will visit your current home to see furnishings you may wish to keep and to get a sense of what you like.

I always tell clients to let me see the house as they live in it. The best way to be prepared for the house call is to make sure the rooms haven't been cleared of signs of life.  If magazines usually pile up near a favorite chair in a sunny spot, that tells me how you spend time at home. I need to see your challenges to successfully design for everyday comfort and beauty.

Our first site visit is called Discovery because we talk more in depth about your lifestyle needs and challenges, take measurements and photos, and really get to know the spaces.

What to expect when you hire a designer. How do you know you need an interior designer? Can I get an interior designer if I don’t have a house yet? How an interior designer can help you with your new build. We’re answering all your questions about working with a design professional.

Paul truly listens to his clients and seeks to create a design that is a true reflection of their taste and life style.

- Molly L.


With all the information we’ve collected at our fingertips, we prepare a Scope of Work for your project to define our work and estimate the cost of design fees for this stage. Once you've had a chance to review and sign the Scope of Work, we get started on the Development stage of your design, typically with floor plans and renderings to make sure your room works optimally. We explore various tactics to create spaces for you that are comfortable, beautiful, and designed for life.

Things take shape as we begin selecting the elements that will define the look of your design, colors, textures, and patterns to give your home its unique look. Depending on the project, during Design Development we may be in touch now and again as questions arise about your preferences. We value keeping our clients in the loop.

What to expect when you hire a designer. We’re answering all your questions about working with a design professional. We listen to you and provide personalized interior design
What to expect when you hire a designer. Designers that listen to their clients get the best results. Beautiful custom rooms and custom furniture designed for real life.


When the design has come together, we meet for our eco-friendly paperless presentation to discuss our recommendations. We typically show more than one vision for your design in the presentation stage. Quotes are prepared before presentation so that we can discuss cost and answer your questions. The design that most resonates with you is then tweaked and edited as needed.



To begin Implementation of your design, we take a deposit to order furnishings, treatments, and accents. Most custom designs take 8-12 weeks to arrive and throughout, we manage your orders to make sure everything is made to our specifications.

What to expect when you hire a designer. How to get started with hiring an interior designer? How do you know you need an interior designer? Is working with an interior designer just like HGTV? We’re answering all your questions about working with a design professional.

See inside our Stonecleft Project.


The process is smooth and Paul and his staff are incredibly easy to work with.
It’s a very personal approach.

- Derek T.

While your custom orders are being made, we consult with your painters, electricians, and other subcontractors to make sure changes on site are carried out to our vision. As they arrive, we inspect shipments promptly, coordinate deliveries and installations, and are on site to supervise placement so that every detail of your design is exactly as envisioned. Because we believe in constant and clear communication, we forward you product care links before delivery and after delivery we follow up with a survey to get your feedback on your experience of working with us.

Our goal is to grow everyday and to build loyalty through our vision, knowledge, and dedication to providing a luxury experience to every client.