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There are a lot of myths about what it’s like to work with a designer. Our goal is to grow everyday and to build loyalty through our vision, knowledge, and dedication to providing a luxury experience to every client.

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Our five-step process helps make even the most complex designs run smoothly.

Both residential and commercial projects begin with discovery. In this phase, we gather detailed information on site or are provided documentation about a future site. We additionally make notes about the desired outcome of the project.  We outline our goals and estimate design costs in a scope of work document to assure utmost transparency before we begin.

When the scope of work has been agreed upon, the development stage begins. We further craft our concept; create renderings and specifications; research the best options and select materials.  This is where the design challenges are met with solutions and our creativity shines.

At presentation we provide tactile and visual aids as we discuss our proposed ideas. Sometimes our clients want to move forward with exactly what we’ve presented, but often we need to tweak a few details to make the design a little more perfect.  The subsequent editing stage is dedicated to alternate selections and refinements.

During the implementation stage, which begins once our client has provided a deposit for purchases, we process and track orders, consult with third party contractors, and maintain contact with all parties to assure a smooth and timely design installation.

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Your interior designer can help manage your project costs.

Many prospective clients have concerns about the costs of their design.  Because we work with artisan furniture makers and fabricators of custom design elements, it is inevitable that costs will be greater than they might be using mass production, online distributors, and box stores.  

Through customized selections we provide sustainable, functional and beautiful outcomes.

Because clients have very real budgets in mind as they embark on a project, we consider it part of our professional service to help make costs reasonable without sacrificing quality.  A lot of care goes into our projects to consider the worth of each recommendation.

We also provide advice to help clients make the most impactful choices within their budget, while outlining how to add components over time to complete the look.  This scheduling of purchases is sometimes referred to as staging in the design industry. Each project is unique, so there is no one answer for the best use of staging to control upfront cost. We plan the staging on a case by case basis, whenever clients need this guidance.

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