Paul Miller Named Hot Talent By Home & Design Magazine


Our work with one of the owners of Handley Boulevard began in a different town over a decade ago, when we selected wall colors and furnishings for the previous home of Dr. Fitzsimmons.  This history of collaboration gave us a clear sense of how our client lives and what she values.

At Handley Boulevard we created a more elegant design in keeping with the neoclassical architecture, but our goal from the beginning was making sure that the design was open, warm, and comfortable.  Removing portions of wall and expanding the size of the doors to the patio allows light to brighten all the living spaces and provides for beautiful vistas from every room in the house.

Our clients are world travelers and we were mindful of selecting luxuriant but understated fabrics to allow their collection of art and artifacts from around the globe to take center stage.  The beauty and warmth of our Handley Boulevard project is a testament to the importance of trust and communication between designer and client.  During each phase of the project we discussed options and provided input to the homeowners and renovators to keep the project moving forward.