Furnish Your Life With Nestology


Our designer shares what makes Nestology the best choice for your project.

When we developed our Nestology collection this year, our goal was to provide quality upholstery solutions for my design clients and for patrons creating nests through their own vision.  As a designer my point of view is different than that of a buyer for a furniture store.  Quality construction should never be sacrificed for a bottom line.  Stylings must be fresh but timeless to outlast the latest trends.  Our fabric collection was developed with lifestyle-friendly textures and expressive accent patterns to keep things interesting.

We live in a time when a lot of things are being homogenized to make it easier for consumers to buy things quickly.  In order to ensure that there is always good stock, factories offer less choices so that they can make pieces in advance of orders.  As a designer, I know how important options are for creating outstanding furnishings and comfortable spaces.  From the start, it was my goal to buck the trend of less choices by providing more.  Rather than offer greige groupings that one sees everywhere, I want my upholstery to allow patrons to get creative as they select the perfect details for their space.


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