What is Nestology?

It has been two years since we rolled out Nestology, our designer-curated brand of custom, American-made upholstery.  We want to make a clear case for why we think we are the best source for stylish luxury upholstery in our area. Read on to learn how simple we make it to cut through all the noise of a market flooded with trendy furnishings of dubious quality, so that you can outfit your home with comfortable, heirloom upholstery that will outlive fads and outlast the rigors of everyday family life.

Made in America, customizable upholstery to solve your unique problems. Made in our Ohio and North Carolina sustainable factories to function optimally for your family.

What is Nestology?

Nestology is a line of custom upholstery curated by our designer, Paul Miller, and made in America using sustainable materials and best quality construction methods. The hardwood in our frames is sourced from suppliers who replant trees to ensure healthy forests for future generations.  The cushioning in our seats are manufactured to standards that ensure healthy air quality in your environment. Excellent tailoring and an array of designer-selected fabrics provide the outward beauty to furnishings built to withstand the rigors of everyday living.

Where Can I Research Nestology More?

Browse the furniture page on our website for inspirations or visit our studio to experience our fabric selections and study the elegant details and sturdy construction of the frames we model.  

Our home furnishing experts can help you learn more about the options available to customize Nestology upholstery to your needs.  You can make an appointment during or after business hours to guarantee personalized, one-on-one time with an expert.

Why Is Nestology A Better Choice?

We believe our patrons deserve furniture built to last, with style that always looks unique and fresh.  Every piece in our collection is selected by our designer, Paul Miller, twice recognized by Washington-area Home and Design magazine for superior design vision.   Our studio models pieces we recommend in our design projects, so we can avoid the practice of a typical furniture store to offer flimsy, quick-sell items with crowd-pleasing, vanilla style. Beautiful, functional, and sustainable upholstery should compliment your home for years.   

We know that Nestology upholstery makes any room better.