Design Muse: Spring Garden Color

The vibrant spring blooms in my garden inspire a host of color palette ideas for the home.  Some recent puttering coupled up salvia with dwarf azaleas, an analogous mix of fearless pinks and purples grounded by a range of vibrant new greens.  Peonies harvested before the storm are right at home in a red glass vase that is a staple in my home; perched on a just-painted antique piano bench in Benjamin Moore's 'Pennies From Heaven' they help create a warm, playful color story. Fading raspberry tulips play chameleon against a Kelly O'Neal table cloth of over scaled vintage flower drawings. Wispy yellow blooms add a brisk, lemony note to the mellow pumpkin hue of the front door; just outside the back of the house, lime-bright Wandering Jenny stands out in sharp contrast against dark, still damp hardwood mulch.  It would be my delight to render any of these garden-inspired palettes in a future design project. - PM