Design Inspiration: James Brunt

Yorkshire artist James Brunt creates ephemeral art from elements of nature, unconcerned that tides and storms will wash his installations away. As an interior designer, my job is to design spaces that outlast fads and withstand use.  How I draw inspiration from artists like Brunt and the more seminal Andy Goldsworthy is in being affirmed in my strong belief that design must make room for spontaneous expression.  

A walk in the garden presents an elegant and humble fallen twig still holding onto the caps of acorns. On a visit to family, a small keepsake from childhood surfaces, asking to become reacquainted. The home must make room for whim and sentiment if it is to satisfy the soul.  In this vein, I encourage clients never to think of tabletops, shelves, and mantles as permanent still life paintings.  The largest and most grounding elements establish the landscape of the tableau, while a few impulsive treasures - the humbler and more earnest the better - come and go like tides, daffodils, and leaves.