Funk Threads: Counterculture & Fashion

On my last trip to New York, I visited the exhibit of counterculture fashion currently at the Museum of Art and Design at Columbus Circle.  This beautifully curated collection of vintage hand craft clothing shows the creativity of an emergent generation of free thinkers in San Fransisco's Haight Ashbury district and New York City's Greenwich Village during the 1970s.  

Rejecting the consumer culture of the day and yearning to express their individualism in a time of political and social unrest, the youth of the era used inexpensive craft store materials to transform thrift store clothes into witty and rebellious works of art. Drawing on influences from around the world, outfits expressed the motifs and handiwork of South America, East Asia, and First Nations Tribes.  This exhibit is an exciting experience with so much to enjoy for people who love fashion and intricate needlework.  It is also a reminder that individualism and free will are at the very heart of our shared humanity.  - PM

See out take on another exhibition (this time at Virginia Beach) here.