A Love Letter to Summer

The cricket fiddles a sweet ballad as the fireflies spark the dusk. Now is the season of road trips and boardwalks; lemonade pink or yellow; straw hats and sunglasses; spaghetti thin tan lines; basil and tomato sandwiches.  Above all else it is the season of getting together in the great outdoors.  The living is easy.

The season provokes sweet memories for each of us.  Growing up on farmland, my summer nostalgia has a bucolic bent.  Never did our cousins spend so much time with us as when Dad opened the pool; its mesmerizing blue waves brought good times right to our doors.  There was laughter and splashing all summer long that only abated when the mimosa trees began to look ragged and for the first time since May the yellow school bus rose over the hill.

Here is a love letter (in words and images) to time well spent with loved ones in the days that smolder between June and September. 


You bring that dessert I love and I'll make the potato salad you keep asking about - the secret is freshly ground cardamon.  Today is as muggy as yesterday and tomorrow, but a blue table paints a focal point as cool as chilled watermelon.

Cocktails and Music

And while we're chilling things, lets not forget to put a few coups in the icebox for later. The evening air will rub the frost off even the most vigorously shaken Manhattan, so lets cloak the glass in ice, shave in lemon peel instead of sticky sweet cherry, and let Lady Day lilt through the screens and out over the lawn.  

Slumber Party Stories

You're staying over, aren't you?  We made up everything nice in the guest room.  I ironed your sheets in lavender water.  We'll relax in the morning over coffee before the day gets hot. Slumber parties are for grown-ups, too, and we tell our best stories after the moon has climbed high.

All too soon the days will shorten. The night music of bug life will dwindle to a lone romantic scratching out a lament through the first chilly nights.  The fall will begin, as spring did, with pale chartreuse leaves.  Yet for tonight the sultry weeks stack ahead of us and all our warm-weather adventures are only a question away.  You want to hang out again?